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Checklist for Project Selection Interviewing
[2008-06-19] Preparation: Do some research ahead of time to understand the individual's personal aspirations and career development plans.

Tips and Tricks for Interviewing
[2008-05-22] As public relations pros, we spend a lot of time arranging interviews for clients with media, analysts, bloggers, podcasters, etc.

Searching For The Right People On LinkedIn
[2008-05-01] I'm an HR executive and I've very recently started using LinkedIn and found it very interesting and helpful but I'm having problems regarding how to use LinkedIn when it comes to searching for the right people, e.g. I'm particularly searching for managers, or asst.managers in IT industry. How do i locate them on LinkedIn?

Staffing Your Search Marketing Team
[2008-04-03] I spoke to about 80 people today at Search Engine Strategies in New York City on the subject of staffing your search marketing team. (Slides can be found here.) I tried to help the attendees see that they can't restrict themselves to candidates with search experience on their resumes.

IT Worker Shortage?
[2008-03-13] It is time to do the annual H1B visa process again this year, with its 65,000 allotted slots to bring foreign workers into the USA. Last year the allotment of H1B visas ran out in a day, this year promises to be more of the same, but are we really having an IT worker shortage, or are we having a skills shortage?

The Effects of Allowing Some Employees to Work at Home
[2008-02-07] A recent study about telecommuting echoes an old adage: Misery loves company. While the option of working from home makes employees happier and often more productive, it may have the opposite affect on those still stuck at the office.

Softworld HR & Payroll Solutions Show Coming Up
[2008-01-14] On February 26, the Softworld HR & Payroll Solutions show will take place at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith.

Federal Employees and the Weather
[2007-12-21] The U.S. Office of Personnel Management has provided "detailed guidance" on HR policy exceptions related to severe weather emergencies and natural disasters and their effects on federal employees being able to get to work.

Posting Interview Questions Online
[2007-11-15] This is something I am guilty of, as I have posted a number of different kinds of interview questions on line.

Managing International Employee Relocation
[2007-09-21] If your company is interested in hiring the best people out there, you'll need to consider how you'll help with the process of employee relocation.

Good staff are Hard to Find
[2007-08-16] Good staff are hard to find.

"Worker Types" May Increase Success
[2007-07-26] Vision tests present people with two alternatives ("can you see better through slide A or slide B?"). Multiple-choice tests generally give four options (five, if the professor's interested in making life difficult). And although humans can be rather complicated beings, James Houran believes you may be able to separate them into just eight categories.

Separate Sets of Rules for Employee Relations
[2007-06-25] Treating employees fairly is usually a motto of most successful businesses.

Survey: Google Most Desirable Place to Work for Undergrads
[2007-06-14] According to the results of the 2007 Universum IDEAL Employer Survey, Google edged out Walt Disney as the number one IDEAL Employer for Undergraduate students.

Where Wellness Fits in Employee Communications
[2007-05-14] Last week during his keynote at Ragan‘s Corporate Communicators Conference, Steve Crescenzo blasted a host of topics covered by internal communicators.

Creating an Effective Employee Performance Management System
[2007-04-05] If your employee performance management system is not effective - in other words, your managers aren't meeting their responsibility of getting their employee performance appraisals written, approved and delivered on time - here's the first question to ask: What happens to the manager who doesn't turn in all of his appraisals on time?

Holistic Recruiting - A New Age For HR Specialists
[2007-03-20] Gone are the days of simply getting hired because you have the proper job qualifications and experience.

Arizona HR Consultant Advises On Apologizing
[2007-03-15] I apologize, I am sorry, my mistake, my bad, oops… Part of being human is making mistakes. Many times when we make a mistake it causes harm to others either physically or emotionally, and as a result, we find our selves in a situation where we must apologize for those mistakes.

HR Outsourcing Maintains Double-Digit Growth
[2007-03-01] Human Resources gained a permanent role in the American workplace during the 1950s, as the evolution of employment-related laws and sociological trends took shape.

Placement & Talent Management
[2007-02-14] Whatever happened to the concept of "placement?" I can remember, in the not too distant past, talking with client organizations about "selection and placement."

Encourage Career Self-Management - Take the Heat off of HR
[2007-01-31] Is tackling talent management one of your goals this year? Employees are becoming more demanding, and topping their list is professional growth and development.

How Bad Hires Can Hurt Your Business
[2007-01-24] What's worse - hiring the wrong person or not hiring anyone at all?

On the Job Training for More Effective Managers
[2007-01-18] Every serious manager and supervisor knows HR seminars and trainings are not just perfect excuses for yet another powerpoint presentation and coffee-and-biscuit break.

A Balance Between HR and Risk Management?
[2007-01-04] Human Resources Directors are often charged with hiring employees, ensuring that the employee is properly trained, and delivering the bad news when the employee is not working out.

Where has the Human in HR Gone?
[2006-12-13] Human Resource Management as a profession is in danger of becoming not just an irrelevance to day-to-day line managers but a break on the productivity and profitability of organisations.

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